´Love to Love´: The OPEN HARTStory

By Tara MacPhail and Doug Skipper

OPEN HARTS is a registered charitable institution based in Australia. It is a part

       of the Global Neo-humanistic Movement that aims to cultivate a sense of

            universalism throughout the planet. The OPEN HARTS vision is ‘a world

                where all beings live with an open heart’. Its mission is to ‘support

                   all beings in awakening and expanding their consciousness so that

                     they align with their true purpose and contribute to society in a

                      way that is of maximum benefit to themselves and others.’

                       OPEN HARTS is an acronym representing the fields of passion

                        within the organization: O - Oneness, P - Planet, E - Education,

                         N - Networking, H - Health, A - Arts, R - Rights, T - Transforma-

                         tion of S - Self and Society. The word HARTS is spelt differently

                        as it symbolizes the importance of questioning what is

                       commonly accepted as given, and to acknowledge different


                     OPEN HARTS was formed in 2009 by a small group of people who

                   shared a passion for making a difference in the lives of others and

                who recognized the power of an open heart. It also arose from the

            need to live a meaningful and service oriented life. The organisation

       has been in an early phase of development and is now ready to take the

next step in its evolution.

A large part of the OPEN HARTS ethos is supporting people in aligning with their passions and deeper purpose in creating the life they envision. By connecting with our heart and following it’s guidance we align with the ‘Universal flow’, and generate an energy field where our personal dreams come into resonance with the collective well-being of society.

OPEN HARTS is committed to networking with others and creating alliances to bring about change in a collective and co-operative way. OPEN HARTS has officially endorsed the Earth Charter, which is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a universal society. It recently partnered with the Australian branch of the global Earth Charter Initiative in its tenth anniversary festival.

With its global outlook, OPEN HARTS operates within Australia and internationally. The guiding philosophy of OPEN HARTS is Neo-humanism, and its attitudinal principle can be summed up in the phrase ‘Love to Love’. For more information visit

The OPEN HARTS Objectives:

•  Promote the holistic development of young people through education
•  Facilitate self discovery, self empowerment and autonomy of people by the provision of educational resources and programs
•  Encourage and support people in aligning with their passions to bring about positive changes in themselves and society
•  Maximise young people's health and well-being by providing psycho-social support and encouraging artistic expression
•  Support vulnerable communities to relieve hardship and optimise well-being by implementing international aid and development programs
•  Reduce the incidence and effects of poverty by the optimal use of resources so that people's physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs are met
•  Create a culture of holistic sustainability by implementing sustainable practices and programs
•  Foster harmony, peace and unity by enhancing understanding and acceptance of oneself and others
•  Develop and strengthen cooperative and collaborative connections among individuals, groups and communities, through informal and formal networks

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