Neohumanist Education in West Africa

By Ac. Pramananda Avt.


Groupe Scolaire Ananda Marga
This school was started back 1982 as Jardin D’Enfant, a three classroom Kindergarten with an office and attached children’s home and principal’s residence. Didi Ragini and Didi Anupama started the school and Didi Anupama managed it for 10 years. For the past 8 years Didi Ananda Liilamaya is the principal running the school with the help of a local committee. The school has received Primary School authorization from the government and there are now 10 classrooms with all grades of primary level. The school year 2009 – 2010 had an enrolment of 345 students. The school has 15 teachers and staff plus 5 teacher

trainees. Night classes are held for remedial as well as high school students. The school is popular and famous as one of the oldest schools in the community run by ‘orange missionary nuns’ as the local people and parents usually say. Last year one of our graduate student teachers got a job in one of the biggest schools in the community that has a high school. She got promoted to high school teachers due to her academic work. Many teachers learn from our well-known neohumanist school. The photo on the right is from the annual Madri Gras festival. The school participates in the parade, during which all children put on costumes.


Neo-Humanist International School (AMSAI) - Ejura
This is our largest school in the region with approximately 450 students from KG through Junior High School. Our senior Dada Shiveshvarananda has been in-charge of the school since 1999. In the past year a computer lab was arranged for the students. Many volunteers from Kids World Wide assist this school and the Lotus Children's Centre.

Lotus Children's Centre (AMJAS) - Soko, Accra
Didi Ananda Shanta manages this small KG along with a children home with presently 10 girls and young women ages 5 to 25 years. The Centre also has a library for children. Approximately 25 are currently attending the school.

Ananda Marga International Nursery School (AMJAS) - Korle Gonno, Accra
Started by local fulltime volunteers (LFTs) in 1987, this Kindergarten and nursery serves low income people who live near the Accra jagrti. Approximately 40 children attend regularly. Pamkaj has managed the school since 1998 and will soon leave to work with Dada Daneshananda in Lagos, Nigeria. The Accra Diocese Committee is in the process of arranging his replacement. A new school committee will then also be formed.

Cosmic Academy (Private) - Kasao (near Accra)
Jayaliila started this school which is located in a upcoming suburb and with her many years of experience, Jayaliila strives to impart a high quality of education.


Ecole Neo Humaniste (AMSAI) - Ananda Ratna MU, Lome
A humble kindergarten was started perhaps 8 years ago with classes held in the garden of the jagrti. Now our school has 10 classrooms (KG and Primary) and plans to build a secondary school in the years to come. Enrollments are over 200. Dada Tanmaya is the Principal and guiding light. AMURT Italy has adopted the project and finds much support for its continued improvement.

There are seven Neohumanist Schools running in West Africa: one in Ivory Coast, one in Togo and five in Ghana. More information can be found at: