Ananda Marga Kindergarten

Gopal, Anandanagar, India

Nursery and kindergarten students from Ananda Marga Primary School at Gopal, Ananda Nagar are pictured receiving AMURT learning kits (slates and books) from Dada Ramananda. This is one of the 30 Ananda Marga village schools in Ananda Nagar. Ananda Nagar has 55 villages around its central headquarters. We are now running 30 schools in 30 of these 55 villages; these schools have 20 to 70 children each. There are no other government schools there, and so we are providing this basic education need. Our plan is to have a Gurukula Educational College there so that our students can teach in these schools while getting their Masters in Neohumanist Education.

Ananda Marga Primary School

Dhanbad, Jarkhand, India

Third and fourth grade students have just received prizes for sports competition at Anandanagar, pictured here with Dada Abhiramananda and Dada Nabhaniilananda.

Ananda Marga Kindergarten

Hydrabad, India

Children from the Nursery and Kindergarten shown planting trees and in lessons with their teacher.

There are hundreds of NHE schools in India, and we hope to be able to share more of their news in future issues.

Happy Hour Centre

Khar, Mumbai, India

Inspired by the ideals of neohumanism, the late Shrii L.C.Anand provided a permanent home for a school for children affected by cerebral palsy and multiple handicaps in 1994. The school is located at 47, Anand Kutir, 16th Rd. Khar, Mumbai. Currently the school is serving 50 children and prides itself to be one of the finest facilities in Mumbai. For every two children, there is one teacher. Physio-therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, a dietician and a doctor take proper care of the children. Mr. Pradeep Anand as the founding member of Anand Trust and current chairman takes full responsibility for the needs of all these children. There is a school bus that picks up and drops the children after school. Mrs. Ella D'Souza is the director of the project since its inception and is one of the leading specialists who was trained in USA and Germany. Her love for service to these children lies at the heart of success of this project. The facility at Khar also houses the meditation centre where Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiiji stayed on several occasions during his visits to Mumbai in the early 1960's. It is a perfect memorial to his love for this educational service project.