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My First Book Contest

This years National children’s contest for writing and illustrating one’s own book is coming to its peak. The program for celebrating winners and the contest will be held again in the main theatre, Zorin Dom in Karlovac. The winners have been selected. The jury composed of the writers Sanja Pilic, Tito Bilopavlovic, Romana Leko (CNS President), Helena Traub (Coordinator) and CNS staff were happy to announce the following deserving authors and illustrators: The first prize in the youngest age category 6-8 goes to Petar Pirizovic for his stunning book "Pepa i Toto iz Misograda" (Pepa and Toto from Misograd). This is Peter’s second year to win in our contest. The story describes how the two little mice Pepa and Toto (one is a stuttering and the other one wears glasses) win the respect of their town Misograd. Because of their handy capture they are bullied by an older student. When the bully falls into water and they could refuse to help him, they sincerely do their best and save him from drowning. The first prize in the second age category 9-11 goes to Agata Lucic (Lucic) for her story. (Agata is also a winner for the second time). She highlighted an educative legend of her area that inspires people for collective cooperation in the face of problems in their natural environment. It is important to emphasize here that Moja Prva Knjiga contest puts equal value on the text as well as on the illustrations. A special encouragement prize was selected for 4 books which will be joined into one volume and published. The authors are from every age category.
The stories are:
1. a story about transformation and friendship.
2. a poetic story from Delnice
3. a detective story from Zadar
4. another story from Zadar, which tells about a magic garden and the happiness a child brought into the life of an old man.

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Peers and Helpers

In the project, Peers and Helpers, several presentations on volunteering were held in a primary school. After that more then 15 children came as volunteers to workshops on cooperative games and poster-making. Then they talked about different disabilities that people can be born with or can get by hurting themselves in accidents. The children wrote short poems and thoughts about children with special needs. Also a journalist came and asked about the work. The children developed slogans like “We can grow together” and “Volunteer and help!” The project invited both children from the special school and children from the regular school for pizza and pancake-eating. Through these various activities, CNS, together with experts, points out to children and of course to grown-ups the problems in socialization for children with difficulties in development. Socializing and helping between children is inspired along with creativity and expression.

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