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2007 Events at CNS Sweden

January 2–3, 2007
"Building a Master Unit"

Presented by Didi Ananda Prama

During her workshop, Didi Ananda Prama gave practical tips on developing a Master Unit. These included inspiring local skilled workers to become involved, visiting models (eg. Findhorn in Scotland ), researching local government

requirements/regulations and writing grants. She advised to have a vision, proposal and people. Put your energy into people instead a lot of money into buildings. Be about sadhana, service and sacrifice. Utilize all strengths and weaknesses talents and skills to build up the people by doing service with love. Network with other groups, offer yoga practices, be a nurturer, love the people and teach meditation. On MU land, one can usually start growing fresh organic foods that you can be served and shared with visitors and workers. So plant a small organic kitchen or green garden utilizing all the space efficiently. Utilize complementary planting techniques, etc. Garden means life – plant slow and fast growing trees – as outlined in the book Ideal Farming by Shrii P.R. Sarkar. Research your local food needs, growing conditions, climate, soils. Think “Agricultural Products” rather than just selling raw produce for maximizing income. Also support or start buyers or sellers cooperatives.

Feb    10-11  Prabhat Samgiita Workshop

March   3-4   Homeopathic Workshop (Part 2)
by Tony Carlyle

This excellent two day workshop was on administering Homeopathy and First Aid to Children


Yoga Course Week (see article in this issue)

  Spirituality and Psychotherapy by Trond Overland

Universal Renaissance: Opportunities & Challenges by Ac.Vedaprajinananda Avt.

  Ananda Purnima Celebrations
  Yoga Course Week / Yoga Educators Conference
  Prabhat Samgiita Workshop
Oct 27
- Nov 4
  Yoga Course Week


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