NHE Conference Taiwan
March, 2007
By Didi Sananda

The Fourth Neohumanist Conference in Taiwan was a success. The Conference was held at a temple in the mountains of Jin Gua shi, a place famous for its beautiful scenery. Twenty-nine people attended the program. The Conference started with a workshop by Dada Pranesh on “One Human Culture”. This was followed by a dialog on “Why is it necessary for Educators to engage in Spiritual Practices?”  
The afternoon brought a workshop by Shakuntalah, the manager of Ananda Preschool Taipei. Participants created a story based on Yama and Niyama using song, painting, puppets, cloth etc and then presenting it to each other. During the evening, persons from different projects and schools shared about their work, and the presentations were weaved in with entertaining activities.

Sunday morning Didi Sananda gave a talk on “The Layers of the Mind” and how to help develop the mind of a child. Time was also spent in reviewing the ongoing work and planning for the future by the people already working within education. Those new to NHE had to create their "perfect school" They had to think about the ideal relationships between teachers and students, classes, environment etc and they came up with two extraordinary schools!

  Before closing our program sister Supriya gave a fantastic class on how to work with children with certain problems, smaller learning problems as well as autistic children. She gave many guidelines and shared her experiences of how she has seen Yoga exercises help these children. The whole program was warm and full of laughter and joy and learning and sharing. Thanks to all who participated.


NHE Workshop
Stockholm, Sweden
By Miriam Godoshien

Didi Ananda Bhadra conducted a teacher's training at her new preschool on February 26, and this workshop was part of that training. We focused on the Ten Moral Principles (Yama and Niyama), the foundation of NHE Schools.  Introduction to the topic was made by reading from three well-known educators' writings talking about the need in today's society for greater "Self-actualization" and development of people's "will/doing" capacities and what this means with how we work with children:  Abraham Maslowe, the originator of the Self-actualization theory,  Annemarie Roper, a gifted -child educator, and Rudolph Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, as well as Marie Montessori all strongly advocated the same point. Then we read and discussed the ten moral principles as described in Didi Anandanivedita's book Head in the Stars, Feet on the Ground, Exploration of Yoga Psychology. The teachers related various feelings, experiences and current events and situations today they associated with the principles and with the aforementioned educators' philosophy.

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