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Croatia - cns.hr@gurukul.edu, <www.cns.hr>
Sweden – cns.se@gurukul.edu, <www.cns-se.org>
USA – cns.us@gurukul.edu, <www.pramainstitute.org>
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Music College at Uma Nivas


Acupunture Institute at Ananda Nagar


AMGK Taiwan


Neohumanist Education


AMAYE – Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators


NHE Forum

NHE Forum is an on-line discussion group for those interested in or working in NHE schools and projects. To join, please write to amgk.glo@gurukul.edu

Standards Available

Ananda Marga Gurukula Standards for kindergarten and primary schools are available. You may write to amgk.glo@gurukul.edu for a copy.

Volunteers for Projects

Ananda Marga Gurukula offers a service to bring volunteers in contact with NHE schools and community projects that are highlighted on the AMGK website. More info at the Gurukula website: <www.gurukul.edu> under the tab <helping us>

Visit! NHE Resources

NHE Resources is a set of web-based resources for those working in NHE schools. It contains articles, manuals, lesson plans, powerpoints, etc. New material has been recently added. If are working in an NHE school and would like to access these pages, please visit <www.nhe.gurukul.edu/resources.html>, and sign up for a login name and password.

Schools are also requested to share their wealth and send digital materials and articles for posting into the new database to:

Global NHE Book Contest!

Ananda Marga Gurukula is sponsoring a story book contest for students in AMGK affiliated NHE primary and high Schools and Children Centres. The contest is on writing and illustrating an original picture book on the neohumanist theme:
“Expanding My Circle of Love.” Look for details in this issue of Gurukula Network (CNS Book Contests).

Share a Virtue Book!

Want to do a good deed that will spread the message of Neohumanism all over the world and that will benefit many generations to come? Then share a virtue book. Look for details in this issue of Gurukula Network (Global Project).