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NHE Forum

NHE Forum is an on-line discussion group for those interested in or working in NHE schools and projects. To join, please write to amgk.glo@gurukul.edu

Standards Available

Ananda Marga Gurukula Standards for kindergarten and primary schools are available. You may write to amgk.glo@gurukul.edu for a copy.

Volunteers for Projects

Ananda Marga Gurukula offers a service to bring volunteers in contact with NHE schools and community projects that are highlighted on the AMGK website. More info at the Gurukula website: <www.gurukul.edu> under the tab <helping us>

Volunteers for AMGK and NHE

If you are interested in helping out with administrative work, please contact amgk.liaison@gurukul.edu

Visit! NHE Resources

NHE Resources is a set of web-based resources for those working in NHE schools. It contains articles, manuals, lesson plans, powerpoints, etc. New material has been recently added. If you are working in an NHE school and would like to access these pages, please visit <www.nhe.gurukul.edu/resources.html>, and sign up for a login name and password.

Schools are also requested to share their wealth and send digital materials and articles for posting into the new database to:

20 Years of
Ananda Marga Gurukula

All are encouraged to hold commemorative conferences, programs and seminars in their local areas in 2010.

Gurukula Network May 2010 will also commemorate 20 years of AMGK. So be sure to send us all your AMGK and NHE news and photos.


Upcoming Teacher Education Events

Workshop, Den Bosch

Interconnection with Self and with Each Other

NHE Teachers Seminar in Holland

February 18-20, 2010

Hosted by Zonnelicht School, Den Bosch

This is a yearly programme of the Zonnelicht Schools in Holland for the benefit of their teachers as well as from other schools. This year the aim will be for teachers to connect deeper within and as well with each other. What is the task of the teacher in relation to their own development and how can they utilize linking up with other teachers and learning from them.

Feb. 22-23 Administrators Meeting

Discussion on Teachers Profile as to what kind of development we expect of senior and junior teachers.

Neohumanism: Practice of Love for All Creation

Neohumanist Education Conference of Sharing and Learning

At Ananda Samvrddhi, Jharsuguda, Orissa, India

November 6-10, 2010


Along with the occasion of Dipavali we invite you all from far and near to celebrate with us the victory of light over darkness and to brighten the lamp of knowledge in our minds to improve our educational services in our schools.

We welcome you at our Ananda Samvrddhi Community Center (Master Unit), which has new spacious and convenient accommodations, with a lake for swimming, a river and lush green fields and open space around us.

Mandala drawing

These five days will be a sharing and exchange on NHE practices and educational material. It will be structured in an Open Space programme with presentations by different schools and projects in the evenings.

Schools in Delhi sector kindly register and indicate your participation with your teachers and meritorious students. Educators and teachers are welcome to bring their experience, educational material and expertise to share. Please contact the organizers to indicate your participation.

Overseas participants can conveniently take a domestic flight to Bhuvaneshvar and from there reach Jharsuguda by train.

Organizers: Ac. Priyakrsnanada Av., Avtk. Ananda Kaoshikii Ac., Acarya Sood, and Avtk. Ananda Rama Ac. Contact: acaryasood@yahoo.com or priyakrsnananda@hotmail.com