NHE Publications

NHE Publications

New E-book!

MV+ and the Golden Chamber – by Jesse Seanach

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An adventure–mystery book for children and youth introducing the concept of microvita.
Soon to be published in paperback.
Now available as an E-book.
Cost $10 US
Order from amgkpublications@gurukul.edu

“On the surface it looks like MV+ is a story about children and written for children, but the author has skillfully and seamlessly integrated advanced metaphysical and social ideas into a gripping narrative that has power to enlighten and inspire idealistic people of all ages.” -- Dada Vedaprajinananda

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New Song Book and Music CDs!

A Song in My Heart

From Sunrise International Preschool in Copenhagen
A beautiful collection of Neohumanist songs for circle time... and any time!
The package includes one booklet and 2 CDs.
The book contains 55 songs, including "sunny songs", "classic kids songs", "sharing songs" and "love grows" songs. It comes with guitar chords too so that you can enjoy playing and singing along together!
Contact Didi Ananda Ragamaya: info@sunrisepreschool.dk

NHE Summit 2006 DVD's

NHE Summit 2006 DVDs

Two of the presentations given at the NHE Summit in 2006 are compiled on this set of DVDs
"Directing an NHE School” – Eric Jacobson, the director of PSOLI (Progressive School of Long Island) presented from his experience of developing and directing an NHE school for 21 years, focusing on implementing Neohumanism in all aspects of the school. With his effective practical methods he fascinated and inspired all the participants.

“A Spiritual Education for the Child’s Personality Development”, presented by Dada Caetanyananda, showed us a wonderful way of adjusting spiritual concepts for the public in a way that is easily understood and accepted. Dada is running a successful kindergarten and language school in Indonesia with 2500 children.
Cost for the whole set: 49.99 US$ Order from www.nhe-press.com

Circle of Love poster

Circle of Love Poster

This beautiful full color poster measures approx 20 X 30 inches. Cost is $10 US plus shipping for developed countries and $5 US plus shipping for developing countries.
Order from www.nhe-press.com


Yoga Educators Conference: Proceedings - DVDs for Sale

The presentations of the Yoga Educators Conference have been captured on DVD and are available as a set of seven DVDs. These have been prepared professionally by http://nhe-press.com in Austria.
COST: 90 Euros / $128 US
ORDER from AMGK Office in Ydrefors amgk.glo@gurukul.edu or from www.nhe-press.com

Neohumanist Educational Futures

Edited by Dr. Sohail Inayatullah, Marcus Bussey and Dr. Ivana Milojevic

NHE Futures Cover

Neohumanist Educational Futures breaks new ground by linking neohumanism with pedagogy and futures thinking. Inayatullah, Bussey and Milojevic, all educators, theorize the ethics of inclusion and exclusion; situate neohumanism in Tantric and transcultural futures; map out issues in neohumanist pedagogy (including, education for world futures; from information to wisdom; social cohesion in South Africa; speciesism and vegetarian pedagogy in Sweden; alternative indicators for neohumanism; integrated intelligence, peace and non-violence, partnership education; and the politics of historiography) and provide case studies of neohumanist educational practice.
ORDERING: Copies can be ordered from s.inayatullah@qut.edu.au.

Kids Yoga Poster Kids Yoga Poster

Kid’s Yoga Posters

Arunima in Taipei has printed the sequel to Yoga Kids Poster and she is working on the third one. She is also hoping to make "animals in meditation" poster to inspire kids. These brightly coloured posters are made in Taiwan. Each one measures approximately 20 x 30 inches. To order write to: books.tw@gurukul.edu

The Fairy’s Flowers

A Neohumanist Children’s Book

Front Cover

The Fairy’s Flowers is inspired by the ten moral principles of Yama and Niyama as elaborated by Shrii P. R Sarkar in his book Guide to Human Conduct. Each concept is delightfully interwoven into the adventure of Jonathan who sets out to meet the fairy in the forest. The Fairy's Flowers is a 32 page full colour glossy book with soft cover printed in India. It costs $ 7 US plus $ 3 for postage.
Order from www.nhe-press.com

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The Fairy’s Flowers – CD

A Neohumanist Story and Songs CD

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This subtle work is based on a blending of storytelling and song. The Fairy’s Flowers story is simply narrated. Phrases are sung throughout using the lyre, Indian bells, guitar, harmonies and counter voices. 14 celestial songs satisfy the young child’s need for repetition.
Narration and songs produced and performed by Anjali (Angela Silva-Natarajan)
Story by Mukti Hava Bauman, Adapted by Didi Anandarama
Published by AMGK. Cost: $15US per CD
Order from www.nhe-press.com