Neohumanist Education

Neohumanist Education in West Africa

Education Néohumaniste en Afrique de l'Ouest


Groupe Scolaire Ananda Marga

Groupe Scolaire Ananda Marga

The school was established in 1982 as a kindergarten with three classrooms, an office, attached children’s home and principal’s residence by Didi Ragini and Didi Anupama. Didi Anupama managed the school for ten years and officially registered the kindergarten in 1986. After her the local committee managed the school until Didi Ananda Liilamaya came in as the principal. The school has received Primary School authorization from the government and there are now ten classrooms with all grades of primary level. The children’s home and principal’s residence have moved to a new location.

Groupe Scolaire Ananda Marga

The school year 2009 – 2010 had an enrolment of 345 students.

The school is popular and famous as one of the oldest schools in the community run by ’orange missionary nuns‘as local people and parents usually say. Teachers received training in Neohumanist Education and improve their academic career. Our teacher Angele has been with the school from the beginning, now for 28 years and Catherine and Antoinette for 26 years!

Evening School
Since 2006 we offer literacy classes in primary and high school level for adults to finish their primary and secondary education with good results.

The school welcomes international volunteers.

Groupe Scolaire AMPS

Groupe Scolaire AMPS

Donations are welcome to:

Account No. 01031 - 000561492016 - 29
ECOBANK, Abidjan
Youpogon Niangon, 01 BP 4107,
Abidjan 01
tel: 00225 - 20 31 92 00


21 BP 288, Abidjan 21, Ivory Coast
tel: 00225 - 23 53 67 70

Principal: Ananda Liilamaya
tel: 00225 - 02 88 11 01 / 00225 - 03 18 54 34

Groupe Scolaire AMPS

Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye -- Education is that which liberates -- C'est par l’éducation qu’on devient libre