Neohumanist Education

Neohumanist Education in West Africa

Education Néohumaniste en Afrique de l'Ouest


International Neohumanist School

This school is an exemplary school in rural Ghana with Nursery to Junior High School with total of 417 students during last term (2009). The school has relatively good facilities with library, music room, computer laboratory and playgrounds. Continuous construction and upgrading are going on.

Headmaster: Martins Kassim
Assistant headmaster: Richard Kofi Armah
Principal: Ac. Shiveshvarananda Avt.

Teaching staff: 17
International volunteers are welcome. You may contact Kids Worldwide or the principal.

Needs of the school:
Support for construction and development of classrooms and sponsorship of children’s tuition.

Namaskar House is the centre attached to the International Neohumanist School which is the living quarters of some staff, volunteers and hostel or home children.

Mr. Richard
Kofi Armah

Mr. Richard Kofi Armah, assistant headmaster describes the centre:
“The Namaskar House has become a home to many people from different cultures, races, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. The overwhelming force that brings all these people together is love. The Namaskar House has become a home whose primary object is continental brotherhood based on the realization that life, in all its diverse forms, human and non-human is indivisibly one. Ananda Marga as an organization imposes no beliefs on the inhabitants and the people who occasionally visit the house. So people who find themselves in the Namaskar House always enjoy the privilege to express their diverse cultures, religious beliefs, and personal philosophies.”


Principal: Ac. Shiveshvarananda Avt.
email: dadashivesh<at>

Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye -- Education is that which liberates -- C'est par l’éducation qu’on devient libre