Neohumanist Education

Neohumanist Education in West Africa

Education Néohumaniste en Afrique de l'Ouest


Ananda Marga International School (AMIS)

The school is located in a safe compound in Mamprobi close to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The kindergarten was established in 1992 with the objective to provide children basic early childhood education to prepare them physically, mentally and spiritually to have a good start in their formative years. Every year we graduate 15 to 20 children who move up to primary education in other schools.

We have two levels of classes for children ages 2 ½ to 6 years. The present attendance has full capacity of 51 children.

Our staff currently is two lady teachers, one cook and the manager who all care for the children to be happy.

School hours are from 8:45 to 2:15 PM starting with one hour “Circle of Love” activities. Other activities include story telling, songs, and play-way lessons.

The School fee is minimal only 5 GHC for admission and 60 Pesewas every day for lunch

School director:
Paul Haligah is the director of the Kindergarten. He graduated from IPMC College and his vision is to expand the school and bring it to a high standard of Neohumanist Education that benefit the children deeply to be upright and outstanding members of the community.


Paul Haligah
P.O.BOX MP Mamprobi, Accra, Ghana
email: anandamargaschool<at>

Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye -- Education is that which liberates -- C'est par l’éducation qu’on devient libre