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We kindly seek your generous support to build and open a model kindergarten in Ho, the capital of Volta Region in the east of Ghana

Ho, as a regional capital has a reputation for quality education. It is home to the Ho Polytechnic, the leading tertiary institution in the region.

A main street in Ho, Volta Region

The people of Ghana are very religious

Women petty traders in Ho market

Women petty traders in Ho market

A plot of land has been donated by members of Ananda Marga Ghana Yoga Society for the Kindergarten just outside the main gate of the Polytechnic. It is an upcoming area of the city.

State operated kindergartens, while free, are overcrowded and do not deliver quality care. Private kindergartens are costly. This project aims to deliver quality education at an affordable price.

The plot measures approximately 90 x 100 feet. The concept is to begin with two classrooms, an office, kitchen, store and toilets. The foundation will be made strong enough to allow for additional stories over time to expand into primary classes. The land will also allow for more classrooms on the ground level.

In addition to donating the land, local members have also pledged to cover approximately $5,000 worth of expenses including cement blocks, sand, stone, water and a portion of labor costs. Already the technical drawings have been approved and building permits obtained.

Mr. Vodzhi, Sister Teresa
and Mr. Kuewor at the site

A view of the school plot

Locally donated building materials

Another view of the plot

Three senior local members are very dedicated to this project. Mr. Emmanuel Kuewor, Mr. Yaw Vodhzi and Mr. Ignatius King are retired, experienced educationists. All have been teachers as well as administrators either in schools or the Ghana Education Service. Mr. Kuewor and Mr. Vodhzi live next door to the designated plot and will personally supervise the construction. All will work to find and train suitable staff for the school once it opens and ensure quality of care.

Dada Pramananda, an Ananda Marga monk working full time in Ghana will help to introduce the system of Neo Humanist Education through the local members to the school's staff.

The total budget including a boundary wall will exceed $35,000 - inflationary pressures are great here in Afrca. We are currently seeking support to begin construction of the foundation and at least one classroom. Depending on the extent of the foundation this will cost between $5,000 to $10,000 (a complete budget can be sent but costings have been made for the entire completed building, to break them down per classroom is not easy to do).

Every drop will go towards filling the ocean!

Please forward this to anyone you know who may have possibility to help. This worthy project has no sponsors yet!

Thank you.

With warm regards,
Dada Pramananda,

Donations are welcome to:

Ananda Marga Ghana Yoga Society,
Ho Unit,
Barclay's Bank,
Ho branch
Acct. No. 039 / 1009104

Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye -- Education is that which liberates -- C'est par l’éducation qu’on devient libre