Neohumanist Education

Neohumanist Education in West Africa

Education Néohumaniste en Afrique de l'Ouest


Cosmic Academy

Cosmic Academy has Nursery and Primary Schools. It was started 2002 and has spacious premises with playgrounds, gardens and trees. The present number of children is 85. The school is still expanding with additional classrooms.

Mission of the school is: To provide a learning environment where children grow up with good values, respecting others religions and beliefs and where they learn to live in harmony with others and give care to plants, animals and the entire environment.

School hours: 7 am to 3 pm
School Fees: 20 GHC per term of 15 weeks
Number of staff: 9


Cosmic Academy, Kasoa, Box no. KS 444
Director: Josephine (Jayaliila) Wotortsi
tel: 0244525238
email: awoyo2007<at>

Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye -- Education is that which liberates -- C'est par l’éducation qu’on devient libre