Issue 27


Ananda Marga Gurukula

  • Ongoing Programmes, Updates, and Announcements
  • Building Neohumanist Futures Conference
  • CNS Around the World (Centers for Neohumanist Studies) Asheville, Sweden,Croatia
  • In Other AMGK News

Sustainable Development Studies and Projects

  • A New Wave of Consciousness
  • Ananda Bharati - Sunrise Farm
  • Solar Panel Installation at PSOLI

November 2008


NHE Studies

  • Neohumanism, Comparative Economics and Education for a Global Society
  • Towards a Neohumanist Approach – Part 2
  • Tending Climbing Vines: Guiding Youth to Maturity

NHE Schools and Projects in Focus

  • The First AMSAI Primary School in Maharlika
  • Lotus Children’s Centre, Accra, Ghana
  • Education and Health Centre, Syria

NHE Futures Conference Group Photo
NHE Futures Conference, July 2008, Story here

YES - Yoga Education in Schools

  • I Love Yoga
  • Using Visualization to Help Children Deepen Their Meditation

ELF - Earth Lover’s Family

  • Environmental Education through PCAP Programs

Global NHE News

NHE Publications