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  NEW! Neohumanist Educational Futures
  Edited by Dr. Sohail Inayatullah, Marcus Bussey and Dr. Ivana Milojevic

Neohumanist Educational Futures breaks new ground by linking neohumanism with pedagogy and futures thinking. Inayatullah, Bussey and Milojevic, all educators, theorize the ethics of inclusion and exclusion; situate neohumanism in Tantric and transcultural futures; map out issues in neohumanist pedagogy (including, education for world futures; from information to wisdom; social cohesion in South Africa; speciesism and vegetarian pedagogy in Sweden; alternative indicators for neohumanism; integrated intelligence, peace and non-violence, partnership education; and the politics of historiography) and provide case studies of neohumanist educational practice. Interspersed throughout this text are short pieces by Indian mystic and author, Shrii P.R.Sarkar; Ananda Marga Gurukula's Chancellor, Ac Shumbushivananda Avt, and an interview with Paulo Freire conducted by social activist Ac. Maheshvarananda Avt.


Along with Inayatullah, Bussey and Milojevic, contributing authors include Ac Vedaprajinananda Avt, Tobin Hart, Marcus Anthony, Riana Eisler, Marlene de Beer, Helena Pederson, Vachel Miller, Peter Hayward, Joseph Voros and Mahajyoti Glassman. The authors argue that the current paradigms of uni and multiculturalism have reached their limits (and the tensions between them). A new approach, as in neohumanism or transcultural and transcendental sustainability, is required for humanity to move forward, and while doing so include those it has pushed aside.

To create this alternative future, a new educational philosophy and practice is required; one that inspires but does not become yet another method to be tamed and imitated. Rather, it must awaken the intellect from its narrow boundaries (nationalist, religious) toward planetary spirituality. Education in this future would be holistic – physical, mental and spiritual; ecologically and technologically driven; global and local in its orientation, and person based, meeting the changing evolutionary and developmental needs of each child, adult, teacher and student-learner.

Copies can be ordered from <books.twgurukul.edu> 730 NT $ per copy plus postage
or <amgkpublicationsgurukul.edu> $15 US per copy plus postage.

  NEW!   Available to NHE Schools

  Progressive School of Long Island Teacher 's Handbook

This handbook prepared by the Director of the Progressive School of Long Island teachers of primary school teachers is the practical application of neohumanist principles with students in primary school in New York City. Though the specifics of teaching will need to be adjusted for your locale, the general principles have universal applicability. Table of Contents listed here. Available on CD for $10 US for NHE schools only. amgkpublicationsgurukul.edu

Introduction to our Philosophy
Classroom Management and Responsibilities
Communication: Language Arts
Communication: Parent-Teacher
Duties of Administration
Free time, Enrichments,
Electives, and Independent Studies
Physical Education
Policies: Internal
Policies: Public
Quiet Time Yoga
Report Cards
Social Studies
Social Studies
Teaching Methodology

  Foundations of Neohumanist Education

Neohumanist Education is founded on the teachings of Shrii PR Sarkar and the application of these teachings to the field of education. The content of this book was extracted from the NHE Early Childhood Diploma Programme and the AMGK Standards for NHE schools. In this compilation, the foundations of NHE are outlined with reference to direct quotes from Shrii P.R. Sarkar. Table of Contents Follows. Available on CD for $10 US for NHE schools only. amgkpublicationsgurukul.edu

Aim and Objectives
Philosophical Elements of NHE
Basic Principles of NHE
Human Development
  Social Context of Learning
Secret Mysterious Ingredient
Curriculum Specialties of NHE
Special Programmes of NHE

  NHE Materials For Sale from AMGK and Other Sources

The Fairy's Flowers
A Neohumanist Children's Book

The Fairy's Flowers is inspired by the ten moral principles of Yama and Niyama as elaborated by Shrii P. R Sarkar in his book Guide to Human Conduct. Each concept, non-harming, benevolent truth, non-stealing, universal love, moderation, purity, contentment, service, study and self-realization, is delightfully interwoven into the adventure of Jonathan who sets out to meet the fairy in the forest. The Fairy's Flowers is a 32 page full colour glossy book with soft cover printed in India . It costs
$ 7 US plus $ 3 for postage.

The Fairy’s Flowers –CD
A Neohumanist Story and Songs CD

  This subtle work is based on a blending of storytelling and song. The Fairy's Flowers story is simply narratedPhrases are sung throughout using the lyre, Indian bells, guitar, harmonies and counter voices. 14 celestial songs satisfy the young child's need for repetition.
Narration and songs produced and performed by
Anjali (Angela Silva-Natarajan)
Story by Mukti Hava Bauman
Adapted by Didi Anandarama
Published by AMGK
Cost: $15US per CD
Bulk orders of 10 or more are available for wholetimers and NHE projects. Wholesale cost:$6.00 per CD

O Circuio de Amor

A new 65 page book, The Circle of Love, is now available in Portuguese with an accompanying CD of songs in Portuguese as well and a video. Cost of the package is $20 US.   amgkpublicationsgurukul.edu

Yoga Education in Schools

A manual of practical activities of Astaunga Yoga for the personal development of children
ages 3-5.

  YES is the inner core of the NHE curriculum. This manual gives theoretical foundations and practical guidelines for teaching yoga practices to young children ages 3 to 5, in a gentle and safe way. It is composed of tested activities from experienced teachers from around the world who have practiced in Neohumanist school classrooms for many years. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to teach the subtle concepts of yoga, values and meditation to children. As a teacher you can use this manual as a foundation to create your own curriculum adapting to the needs of the children in your locality and culture. This version is available on CD for NHE Schools. Cost of CD $25US amgkpublicationsgurukul.edu

Joyful Things
by Kamala

CD of songs includes the voices of 70 children from the Ananda Marga River School in Australia along with top musicians <inrsongozemail.com.au>

By Didi Ananda Ragamaya

A song about honouring the rights of our children, loving them and encouraging them to reach their full potential.  anandaragamayagmail.com

Kid's Yoga Poster

This brightly coloured poster, made in Taiwan, is available for sale from Gurukula Academy of Taiwan.
Measures approximately 20 x 30 inches.

  Circulo De Amor
By Didi Prema

Didi Prema sings 20 Neohumanist songs for children in Spanish.

Puppets and Dolls from Peru

You can order from www.rurapuk.com or contact Didi Ananda Muktivrata didiamvec-red


  Yoga Warm-ups
Prepare your body for subtle asanas
by Mita Chen and Carol Yip

Yoga warm-ups is a compilation of poses that comes with complete instructions to guide you through your exercise routine. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and strength. To obtain a copy, please write to: kaomudiigmail.com

Circle of Love
Early Childhood Education Manual and MP3 Songs on Computer CD

On this computer CD, the manual is available as six PDF files which can be read directly from your computer or printed. The Circle of Love Songs are available as 307 MP3 music files. Cost $10 US plus shipping. To obtain a copy, please write to: amgkpublicationsgurukul.edu

Circle of Love Songs on Music CDs

The Circle of Love manual includes over 300 songs for children. Through the efforts of Giridhara, the original tapes have now been transferred to a set of four music CDs. This set of four CDs is available for $20 plus shipping. To obtain copies, please write to:

  Circle of Love
STUVOL Guides for Kindergarten

New STUVOL booklets for KG 1 and KG 2 have been prepared for Delhi Sector by AMGK mostly from material from the Circle of Love manual. Anyone interested to reproduce them in their own Sector can contact amgk.glogurukul.edu

Neo-Humanist Education
A Documentation on NHE Schools Around the World
Edited by Avtk Ananda Rama Ac

This full sized 100 page book provides a colorful picture of the Neohumanist Education system world wide, with over 40 articles and 260 pictures from NHE schools around the world. The articles are written by teachers working in the schools, giving a first hand look into the NHE classroom. Available through amgkpublicationsgurukul.edu

  Ananda Marga Dictionary
For Every Day Use
Compiled by Ac Premayananda Avt

The book has 160 pages and contains more then 1500 entries. Order at: amdictionaryeudoramail.com

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