NHE Conference theme:

Neohumanism - Practice of Love for All Creation

Pre-conference Programme:

We are looking for volunteers who would like to work with the local schools in Orissa to help them become model schools implementing the Standards of Ananda Marga Gurukula during this time until the conference.

This is a good opportunity for overseas schools to take on one school as a sister school and facilitate a productive exchange programme. For any interested schools and volunteers please contact us at nhe@gurukul.edu

Nov.5, Thursday *Diipavali Celebration*

Collective Celebration of Diipavali with Akhanda Kiirtan, Dharma Cakra and stage performances of songs, dance and drama. Art and craft, own story book and photography exhibitions on the theme “Neohumanism – The Practice of Love for all Creation.”

NHE Conference Programme

The programme will be basic theory and hands-on workshops along the following outline answering the questions of WHY, WHO, WHAT, HOW and WHERE. We will explore the answers to ‘Why do we teach? Why do we have education? Who do we teach and who can teach? What and how do we teach? Where is the learning happening?’ while focusing on Nursery, KG 1, KG2 and tStandard 1 to 4.


Philosophy and Principles of NHE


Child psychology and Teacher's Role


Neohumanism at the Core of the Curriculum - Addressing the Development of the Kos’as
As’t’áunga Yoga for kids
Moral and Socio-Emotional Learning
Physical Education
Language Arts (Children’s Literature. English and Sanskrit)
Science and Math
Social Studies
The Arts


Fundamentals of Education
Joy and the Arts
Stories, Games and Play
Rhythm, Movement and Repetition
Engagement of Whole Child in Active Learning
Methodical Thinking
Integrated with Life and Applied
Individual Approaches
Discussions and Inquiry
Absence of Fear
Developmentally Appropriate Expectations and Behavioural Guidance


The local Learning Environment