An Invitation
International Conference
Building Neohumanist Futures
Hosted by CNS Sweden
Ydrefors, Sweden
July 12-25, 2008

Neohumanist Educational Responses to the Challenges of the Current World Crisis
July 12-14 (arrival 11th departure 15th)
Fees: 100 Euros (includes room, board and conference fee)
(special price for all three events 250 Euros)
Program Coordinators – Sid Jordan and Marcus Bussey
Attendees: 30-40

How can educational systems and institutions respond to the challenges posed by the current rapidly developing global environmental, economic and social crises and the related psychological fallout?

  • Can neohumanist education play a pivotal role in transforming the future?

  • What are the skills required to help transition to a post-oil world?

  • How can neohumanist sensibilities contribute to education for a sustainable development?

  • How can we ensure that revised pedagogies invent new economic, environmental, social, psychological and spiritual futures which don’t reinvent narrow and destructive dogmas?
What is this Neohumanism?
Neohumanism is humanism of the past, humanism of the present and humanism – newly-explained – of the future. Explaining humanity and humanism in a new light will give new inspiration and provide a new interpretation for the very concept of human existence. It will help
people understand that human beings, as the most thoughtful and intelligent
beings in this created universe, will have to accept the great responsibility of taking care of the entire universe – will have to accept that the responsibility of the entire universe rests with them.

– Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

As such questions face humanity in myriads of local contexts our thinking will span traditions and knowledge systems. We invite trans-national participants to bring their experiences and skills to a gathering designed to think big but act locally.

It is “capacity building” through education that is at the core of the conference, enhancing the ability of people and institutions to adapt to a dramatically changing world of climate change, revolutions in genomics and artificial intelligence, the possible development of a global mind via the internet and the rise of new political and economic world powers (Chindia). These changes herald a new era filled with challenges and opportunities that we will explore through a neohumanist lens.

In every encounter with a person from a different culture, we can choose to relate to the familiar or to the exotic. Or, we can turn our attention from both poles and choose to meet in the space between us. There, in the silent space between, a new, intercultural quality can emerge.
– Miriam Sannum

This event will feature presentations, audience participation, open space networking, meditation, and yoga, blending intellectual, practical and contemplative space to foster innovative and creative educational approaches to the pressing issues for our global community.

Keying in on the theme, Educational Response to World Crises, 12 presenters will be chosen for four 10 minute presentations from each of the three categories of crises - Environmental, Socio-Economic and Psychological - followed by 20 minutes of dialogue with the audience (facilitated by the presenter), over one and one half days. The next one and half days will be open space format for response teams to meet and offer educational solutions to the crises. Sample response teams that might be suggested by participants could include: using cyberspace technology, meditation and yoga, sustainable living models, etc.

The closing session will summarize the educational responses to the original three areas of crises.

The evenings will feature cultural programmes.


All attendees may prepare and submit a position paper. 12 will be selected for presentation. All papers submitted will go in published proceedings of the meeting.

Paper should focus on one of the three categories of crises - Environmental, Socio-Economic and Psychological - and an educational response/solution and should be submitted to:

Neohumanist University
July 16-18 (arrival 15th departure 19th)
Fees: 50 Euros (includes room, board and conference fee)
(special price for all three events 250 Euros)
Program Coordinators – Sid Jordan, Avtk. Anandarama Ac., Arete Brim
Attendees: 30-40

This will be a time for all interested in Neohumanist University to make a move towards activating different faculties of AMGK. Already, some work is being done by the faculty of Neohumanist Education and the faculty of Yoga and Intuitional Science. It is an opportune time now to consolidate these and other faculties.

Those involved with Centers for Neohumanist Studies (CNS), Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators (AMAYE) and interested educators from within and without Ananda Marga are invited to help develop the vision and planning for a Neohumanist University. People with interest in any field may come and link up in the open space format to start creating departments. Sample areas: NHE University, distance learning university, psychology department, education department, women's studies department, astrophysics department, economics department, various health care departments, microvita department etc.


First day morning – Introductions of participants, review of preliminary plans for NHE University and instructions to initiate the open space technology and design.

Afternoon first day, all day, second day, plus third morning - open space department-wise meetings.

Last day afternoon - Closing – presentation from different open space groups followed by dialogue and synthesis into NHE University.

Yoga Educators Conference
July 20-25 (arrival 19th departure 26th)
Fees: 150 Euros (includes room, board and conference fee)
(special price for all three events 250 Euros)
Programme Coordinators: - Ac. Vishvarupananda Avt. and Ac. Shankarsananda Avt.

Individuals interested in expanding their knowledge and teaching yoga and the intuitional sciences are encouraged to attend this educational event. A certificate of attendance will be provided by AMGK to all attendees.

For further information visit or contact Dada Vishvarupananda: <>

To Register please write to:

Overall In Charge – Dada Shambhushivananda
Infrastructure In Charge – Dada Harikrpananda

Shared but cozy accommodations available in nearby Swedish homes, outdoor cabins, Gurukula Guest House and CNS dormitory.

Vegetarian Food will be prepared by the students of the Yoga Seminary here. If you have any special allergies for anything, please let us know.

Local Services
Ainjali ( Israel) and Deva-gyan(USA), Kusum (Italia) - our resident students and Dada Harikrpananda will all be available to assist you with any local support services. For questions related to the program etc. or other details, please write to

We shall be able to pick you at either Kisa, Vimmerby or Marianelund train/bus stations. Trains from Arlanda Airport can bring you to Kisa or Vimmerby. For advance reservations, please consult If we know your flight arrivals, we can guide you more on this aspect.

If you have any inputs, questions or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know. You are all most welcome. If you have any persons you wish to bring or would like to see in Ydrefors at that time, please invite them and let us know.

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