We are very delighted to inform you all that we have received overwhelming
positive feedback after the NHE Summit in Sweden.

Over 100 persons participated from all sectors. Many never met before and
were able to meet in person for the first time. It was a wonderful exchange
of ideas and experiences. Thanks to all again for coming so far and sharing and
bringing the NHE movement a big step forward in reaching more and more

The participants got a better understanding of what NHE is, and also a
better sense of Gurukula and how everyone can work together now. The
Gurukula Network newsletter will carry more details of the content of the

Individuals have taken on personal homework; different countries and
Sectors made plans to coordinate and work together. The list of tasks
below is the collective task of all those around the world working in NHE
through the coordination efforts of AMGK. Others who were not at the Summit
may join and contribute.

Plans and programmes from the NHE Summit:

  • a.. Administrator's handbook
  • b.. Package for new NHE Schools
  • c.. Conduct teacher Education for NHE teachers locally
  • d.. NHE Diploma course for Elementary Schools
  • e.. YES Book for Public (based on YES 3-5)
  • f.. YES manual for elementary school children 6-10
  • g.. STUVOL programme and books for NHE Schools
  • h.. Social Justice programme for NHE Schools
  • i.. ELF programme
  • j.. Accreditation of Diploma Program
  • k.. Accreditation for CNSs
  • l.. Inspections of NHE Schools by Gurukula
  • m.. Affiliation of NHE Schools
  • n.. Fresh Students for Diploma TE Course
  • o.. CNS Moodle in Operation
  • p.. Wiki for Resource pages of NHE
  • q.. Bio-Psychology for a Diploma Course
  • r.. Standards for Yoga Teachers Education
  • s.. Events of NHE/GK around the world
  • t.. Gurukula Network (US, India, Chinese, Spanish edition)
  • u.. Sector-wise Gurukula Offices
  • v.. Haiti global Gurukula project
  • w.. Video documentation of NHE, Summit presentations and local projects around the world.
  • x.. Continuous sharing of various people's programmes and AMGK will work to help make them more available like PSOLI Manual, Dada Caetanyananda's books etc.
  • y.. Volunteer programme has been seen as useful and is continuing and expanding
  • z.. Similar future programmes are requested.


This event was sponsored by AMGK and Berlin Sector

© copyright AMGK 2006, all rights reserved