Morning sessions:

  1. Sharing of personal accounts and experiences from the early days of the start of the Gurukula.
  2. Presentations of latest knowledge in the field of education

Afternoon sessions:

Every afternoon there will be parallel workshops in different micro-courses for which the participants can sign up. After implementing the learnt material in the field, the participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Micro courses:

  • "Creative Problem Solving" by Acarya Cirasmita
  • "Neo-humanism in practice" by Acarya Vishvamitra
  • "Bio-psychology" by Dr. Singh, Ananda Nagar
  • "Neohumanistic Management" by Ac. Rainjitananda Av.
  • "Women's ecnomic sustainability in rural areas" by Av.Ananda Chandita Ac.
  • "Establishing a progressive College" by Dr. Kathleen Kesson
  • "Early Childhood Education" by Rekha

Evening sessions:

Sharing good news from different sectors in form of audio, visual or performing arts.

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